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  • Marina Pacheco

New Nature Group being set up at Kingston Cemetery

Kingston Cemetery was set up by Kingston Municipal Burial Board in 1855, prior to which all burials had been in Kingston's parish churchyard of All Saints and its overflow burial ground at Union Street. The cemetery is on hilly land previously known as Bonner Hill Fields, with the Hogsmill River forming its southern boundary. Some of the native trees, which include oak, birch, ash, holly, hawthorn and yew, may predate the cemetery. It was simply laid out on formal lines; at the highest point and directly in front of the main entrance are two gothic chapels. 

The oldest part of the cemetery is now being managed with wildlife in mind and a local group is being set up to support conservation work in this part of the cemetery and to also provide advice and support in making other parts of the cemetery more nature friendly whilst respecting the purpose of the site. Our first project will be working on a memorial garden for children which will be designed to attract butterflies with a wide range of flowering plants.

If you would like to get involved please contact or leave a message on the group's facebook page.

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