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How to Improve your Outdoor Space for Nature: Anyone can do it

Kingston Cemetery volunteers planting a disease resistant elm.
Greening your local space can be as simple as planting a tree.

Anyone can create outdoor spaces buzzing with life

This series of blogs is aimed at anyone who wants to do more for nature but is stumped on how to do it or is simply looking for additional information and tips to get going. You don’t need to know anything about wildlife or gardening to start taking action. You don’t need to know anything about plants or landscaping. You don’t even need to have a garden, just work with what you’ve got, be that a balcony or the pavement outside your home or a community space you could adopt. This series of blogs will show you a range of things you can do to make the world a nicer greener place, cheaply and easily.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to make their outdoor space a nicer place for wildlife.

This is not for expert gardeners or conservationists - this is information anyone can follow.

What we will cover

The steps you can take are quick and easy and you get to work with what you’ve got in a low cost way

Where do I start?

Most of us are fortunate to have access to some green space. If we’re very lucky we might have a garden, but even people with just a balcony, window box or communal green space can make changes to the environment that will benefit wildlife. I will walk you through all the things you can do in an easy to follow, quick, step by step process that will have you making changes in no time.

Anyone can do these things, this isn’t difficult or complicated. It just takes a tiny bit of planning which is what I am going to show you how to do.

What do we mean by nature?

We mean everything that is alive and feeds into the web of life. That includes fungi, plants, insects, worms, birds, amphibians and mammals. We need all of it to support any part. Nothing could survive without plants, people included and, even if we don’t like them, creatures like flies and wasps also do important work and form part of the food chain. To have healthy nature you need all the links in that chain. If you leave out a single link the whole lot will suffer. The good news is that if you make changes to benefit one link in our food web, it will have a positive knock on effect for all the others. Which means that small changes can make a big difference.

What life needs

Any form of life, you, me, the birds and the bees, need, food, water and shelter to be able to survive. Take any of these away and we’ll curl up and die. The trick to encouraging wildlife into your outdoor space is to make sure that you provide all three plus one more, nature needs to be able to get to it, so the fourth element we need to consider is access.

The trick to improving your outdoor space is to provide as much and as varied food, water and shelter as you can.

Rookie Mistake: Thinking this is hard. It’s surprisingly easy to make improvements, so don’t get disheartened.

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