The Kingston Biodiversity Network was formed in May 2013. Our aim is to have an overview of nature conservation in Kingston, to support targeted conservation effort and increase the impact of each project, individual and group.

1. We help to connect groups to each other and to like minded individuals

Together we are stronger and if everyone working in conservation in Kingston knew each other and worked together we could make more of an impact. Many groups already do this, many of the people working on conservation already know each other but we are here to keep that communication going and to introduce new individuals and groups to the Kingston nature conservation scene by: 

  • Holding quarterly talks and networking evenings where people from all the groups as well as interested individuals have an opportunity to meet each other, and swap opportunities and ask for volunteers.

  • Haveing a monthly newsletter that lists most of the projects taking place in the borough which gives a good idea of who does what. 

  • More informally, is that we know many of the people involved in conservation so we can send anyone enquiring to the right place when they contact us for advice or information.


2.We take on projects where we see gaps that aren’t being filled by other organisations

On occasion we take on practical projects of our own. We run a regular conservation group at the Kingston Cemetery, we have adopted the Moated Manor site and carry out conservation and educational events there and we are a partner in the Environment Trust’s Berrylands project.


3. We highlight the work that is already being done and encourage more people to get involved

Local groups are always looking for more members and we are happy to promote their work. But we are also keen to get more people involved so a large part of what we do is aimed around getting people who don’t already do anything green to get involved. Our newsletter is used to promote projects that anyone could join which is a great way to try out conservation work. We have a podcast series called ‘The Green Heroes of Kingston’ that highlights people and projects in the borough and provides inspiration for others to get out and get busy.


4. We share skills and provide information on conservation

 Our quarterly talks are used to provide people with information that would be useful to them in an urban conservation setting. We’ve covered a range of topics that can be applied locally such as sustainable urban drainage, green roofs, and river management. We have useful information in our blog and in our podcasts. We can also connect groups or individuals with a question, to local experts.