Make a difference in your community

From Kingston Cemetery to Tolworth Court Farm, we run a range of conservation activities.

Quarterly talks focusing on urban biodiversity with a strong practical element

Find out about the green heroes of Kingston.

Useful information for the budding conservationist.​


You can make Kingston greener!

Would you like to do something for nature and your environment?

Are you looking for something to do locally?


Find your tribe of nature lovers and start making a difference in Kingston.

The Kingston Biodiversity Network links anyone who loves the environment and wants to change it for the better with the wonderful diversity of people already doing good in the borough.


It doesn’t matter who you are. You may be dipping your toe into the green world for the first time, or be part of a local group that’s been running for decades. We can connect you to each other and to the Council, we can provide information, advice, support and the chance to meet like-minded people.


Come to our quarterly networking events which include talks on local projects or actions you can take to improve your local space, these range from the immediately practical like creating a rain garden to the more obscure, such as the introduction of beavers to the Hogsmill River (yes we really did talk about this and no, it isn’t as crazy as it sounds).


Our aim is to raise awareness of the issues facing nature in Kingston and the activities people can take to make the borough greener. We supply links to other organisations, advice, practical support and loan of tools. If you want to know more get in touch via Facebook, email or sign up to our newsletter.